If you're the type of person who likes bizarre roadside attractions, Washington is the perfect place to live. I mean, come on, people take pictures of themselves standing in front of a wall of decades-old chewed gum in Seattle. Yesterday, I found out the city of Colfax erected a totem pole to commemorate a touch-football game between 60-year-old men.

There is a castle made of recycled trash in Pullman, Washington.

Creating something new out of trash is hardly a new concept. Heck, there are a ton of sculptures made from mufflers and other car parts at Melody Mufflers in Walla Walla. "Maniac Mike" has been making really cool art for years to display outside the shop. But this castle in Pullman might just take the cake.


What if I told you this was a home at one point? Victor (Vic) Moore and his wife were freshly married when they moved onto this property, well before the junk. Vic used to be an art teacher at Pullman High School and his art is on display across various schools in Washington.


Vic turned his home into the Junk Castle, recycling discarded metal and parts to build and build until it became what you see today. The home was part of his thesis and was finished in 1970. There are car doors, metal sheets, and just about everything you could imagine built into the castle. What about permits? Apparently, Vic didn't run into much trouble with city officials. The best part? It only cost $500 to build. Vic died in 2013, having lived to be 87. Vic actually built two different houses with his wife Bobbie, and both were made of recycled materials. When Vic passed, Pullman mourned a tremendous loss. He was a veteran of World War II and taught art for over twenty years in Pullman.

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The Junk Castle is cared for by a new owner but you can still see it from the road. You should never go into private property, but you can still take plenty of pictures from a distance. If you'd like to learn more about Vic's Junk Castle, this video is short but informative.

We'll continue to hunt down fun and weird attractions all across Washington state.

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