When I was a kid a relative took me camping near some lake in Idaho in the middle of nowhere. it was foggy and cold. But the entire lake was filled with crawfish and I hunted and caught them with a net. We spent three days up to our chests in the lake catching crawfish, boiling, and eating them.This Saturday I'm going to the 10th annual Richland Crawfish Festival at Jack-Sons (corner of GW Way and Lee).

Crawfish is different from shrimp and lobster -- it's "gamey" in a different, seafood kind of way.

In high school we used to catch them in Crawfish Creek (pronounced "crick") between Davenport and Tri-Cities.

Walmart sells frozen crawfish tails pulled out of the shell for REALLY cheap. I've made tacos with that meat for my family more than once and they loved it. Maybe I'll share the recipe another day.