This Saturday May 5th it's time for suckin head and eatin tail!! The Richland Jacksons is having their 9th Annual All You Can Eat Craw fish Boil giving you a chance to experience a Louisiana Style craw fish boil with fresh craw fish, corn taters, sausage and jambalaya and all you can haul for just $35.

The party starts at noon with the first batch of fresh craw fish for the taking being dished out. Bring your appetite but be ready for a great time.



I've missed a few years in the past but this past year I wasn't missing it for anything and I'm glad I made it. I honestly couldn't stop eating it was so good and I'll tell you what a big hint is to make sure you have a bucket of beer ready to go because for some reason and it may be the spices but the beer really does flow like the salmon of Capistrano.

Let us know below if you've ever attended the craw fish boil and if you have what's your favorite part of the event?