Wednesday the Kennewick Police Department released a statement concerning a video that has surfaced showing a verbal confrontation between a Kennewick officer and a driver during a traffic stop.

The video, posted on YouTube and throughout social media April 7, records a recent nighttime traffic stop in which Officer Glenn Ball, a 21-year veteran, has a verbal dispute with a driver.  The driver appears to be contesting being pulled over, and at one point makes a remark about officers having to "meet quotas," a reference to some people's claims that police departments "have" to pull over and cite certain numbers of drivers to generate revenue.

Officer Ball snaps loudly at the driver, but one can possibly say the driver's verbal conduct didn't make the situation any less volatile. The video was apparently recorded by a passenger.

Sgt. Ken Lattin released the following statement about the incident:

"The Kennewick Police were made aware late last week of a video of one of our officers on a traffic stop interacting with the driver and passenger. One of the citizens present at the traffic stop was recording the officer.
   Since being made aware of the video, the Kennewick Police Department initiated an internal investigation of the officer involved in the incident. The video was posted on social media and we have viewed the video
   The officer involved is positively identified as Glenn Ball. He is a 21 year veteran of the Kennewick Police He is still on active duty during this investigation.
Based on what we have seen in the video, the officer's comments are not consistent with our values and are not consistent with our expectations of how our officers should interact with the public."

Watch video and decide for yourself courtesy of Omar Abarca via YouTube.

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