Apparently a 20-year-old Kennewick man had some "big" plans in store for Valentines Day, booze and Valentine Skittles candy.

Kennewick police reported on their Facebook page that Caleb Wortman went to great lengths to shoplift a bottle of whiskey and a heart-shaped box of Skittles Valentine's Day candy Sunday from the Kennewick Fred Meyer store on 10th. and Highway 395.

Police said he also took some watches, but went back into the store, perhaps sensing officers were onto him. They'd arrived prior to his departure after a tip from store security. Workman refused to comply with officers commands to stop and comply.

He resisted arrest, and had to be taken to the ground. He's been charged with theft, and possession of a dangerous weapon, but it probably wasn't the Skittles.

Somewhere, there must be a disappointed girl who'd hoped to be boozed and candied for Valentines Day!

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