Walmart manger dresses up as unicorn

If you happened to be picking up an online grocery order from Walmart on Valentine's Day in Kennewick, you saw a giant pink unicorn making his way around the lot, through the online order pickup parking stalls.

I happened to be picking up our online order, and found out this was the manager. Another manager who was helping guide him around said a bet was made recently with the workers; if they achieved certain performance goals, he would dress up as a giant unicorn on Valentine's Day.

The workers came through, said the other manager, and this guy was glad to do it. He trundled from car to car, handling out small heart shaped boxes of candy.

The greetings were done for a couple of hours from the mid morning to early PM. We had to grab a couple of pics of the event.

He had just about everyone laughing as we slipped and slid trying to load our groceries.

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