He's one busy canine. Yesterday we reported that Kennewick's K9 officer Ivan helped sniff out two burglary suspects over the weekend and now Ivan has helped in another burglary case.

Ivan helped in another recent burglary attempt and you'd think criminals would get the hint that this crime-busting pooch is on the job so the attempt to evade him isn't even worth the effort.

In a press release from the Kennewick Police Department, K9 Ivan assisted in another break-in attempt, and here's how it all went down in a report filed by the Kennewick Police Department:

On April 12th, 2021 at approximately 3:33 PM Kennewick Police Officers were dispatched to a report of a white bald male attempting to enter a citizen's home in the 400 block of S Rainier St. The male was unable to gain access and fled on foot eastbound to the area of S Olympia St and W 5th Ave.

Officers began checking the area and attempted to contact the male who continued to flee on foot through the apartment complexes. Officers were not able to maintain a visual of the male and his exact whereabouts were unknown.

A citizen in the area witnessed the male enter an apartment and immediately flagged an officer down to report it. Officers were able to locate the actual residents of the apartment who were not home (thankfully), did not know the male, and requested Officers clear the apartment to remove him.

Based on the fact Officers were dealing with an occupied residential burglary, K-9 Ivan was called to the scene to assist. Over the course of about 10 minutes, Officers gave multiple clear announcements by PA and additional announcements at the door of the apartment. Warnings were given for anyone inside to comply and exit on their own accord before a Police K-9 was utilized to search. When there was no response or compliance, a search was conducted.

While searching the interior of the apartment, K-9 Ivan located/apprehended 22-year-old Jose F. Monzon who was hiding under a pile of clothing inside a closet. He was evaluated by KFD medics on scene and transported to a local hospital for medical assistance. Monzon is being booked in the Benton County Jail on a 72-hour hold for one count of Attempted Residential Burglary and one count of Residential Burglary.

K9 Ivan has been busy and one thing I've learned about police dogs is that that they really love their work and as long as people think they can steal from others, K9 Ivan has no problem putting them behind bars,

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