A traveling caravan of paint-toting teens meets their match with the Pasco Police resulting in a gun arrest on 3/25/21.

It's a case that the Pasco Police is calling "GUNS AND GRAFFITI". Pasco Police posted the incident on their Facebook page and here are the details of the case as filed by the Pasco Police:

Officers did some good work on a graffiti case last Thursday evening, leading to the arrest of two suspects and the recovery of two handguns, one of which had been reported stolen earlier.

The graffiti suspects, 14- and 17-year-old males from Hermiston, spraypainted gang graffiti on several fences north of 20th/ Court on Thursday evening, 032521, including one commercial site with high-def security video. (Insert dramatic stinger music here.) A third Hermiston teen, a 16-year-old, is being investigated for unlawfully possessing two firearms, and for possession of stolen property.

The officer on the initial investigation got a great description out. A sharp-eyed Street Crimes detective found the white Honda and stopped it. He also saw the Ford nearby. The spraypainters in the Honda, both juveniles, were written up. The Honda was towed for a search warrant. The search for spraypaint and graffiti-related items located two handguns, one of which was stolen from Stanfield OR, and info concerning the third suspect. We were not surprised to find out that both Stanfield PD and Umatilla County SO had records on the two oldest and on the car. The third suspect was written up.

In the security photo, all three cars were traveling together, and there was an interaction between the occupants of the front two cars.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to call Dispatch at (509)628-0333 or email Officer Jake Spitzer about case 21-08189 Possess Stolen Firearm.

Ok, I have a question. I guess I was under the impression that graffiti was sprayed on in the middle of the night under darkness but to see them traveling around in graffiti caravans is freaky. Great job again Pasco Police for keeping our streets safe. You can read more details about the arrests here.

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