When the sale of bankrupt Frontier Communications to Ziply Fiber for $1.35 billion became final just about a year ago, the folks over at Spectrum, the internet leader in the Tri-Cities, began to fret just a bit, because they knew they'd have to up their game as the spotty-at-best Frontier Communications way was going to be replaced by a company that promised to bring gig-speed service to their customers.

The Ziply Fiber 2020 transaction means that nearly 500,000 of Frontier's residential and business internet, phone and television subscribers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana are now Ziply Fiber customers.



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In the Tri-Cities Ziply Fiber has announced, after toiling for months to upgrade its fiber-optic network, that "gig-speed fiber internet service," featuring blazing fast speeds is now available to thousands of homes and businesses in Kennewick.

Ziply Fiber is offering 1,000 megabit speed for $60 a month with no data caps and no annual contracts for residential users. The normal household upload/download speed is 100 megabits, so basically your internet can now be ten times faster than before.

Lars Kienle
Lars Kienle

Ziply Fiber can currently serve 6,000 homes and business in Kennewick and an additional 22,000 Kennewickians will become available for the lightning fast speeds soon.

Ziply Fiber says it's investing $500 million to "build an advanced fiber network to smaller cities, towns and rural communities across the Northwest that have been under served when it comes to internet access."

Ziply Fiber calls Kirkland, Washington home, and the Kennewick fiber build-out is the company's third in Washington in less than a calendar year.

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