Giving birth on September 9th? Name your kid Harland, which was the Colonel's name, and y'all be eligible to win $11,000 from KFC. You couldn't have given us at least nine months warning on this?

KFC's contest is to honor the real Colonel Sanders' birthday. The Colonel was born on September 9th, 1890. If you deliver your original bucket on September 9th and name your kid Harland, which was the Colonel's name, Harland Sanders, you'll be eligible to win $11,000. That's right ELIGIBLE.

Even if 5,000 parents go with Harland on September 9th, they'll just randomly pick one prize. Is $11,000 worth a child's lifetime of certain butt kickings? You decide.

Why $11,000? It must be a riff on the recipe which is famous for its 11 herbs and spices. Contest closes October 9th. This may sound like a finger-lickin'-good deal, but there is a big ol' chance you could saddle your kiddo with the name for life and NOT win the money. It could be worse.

"Hi, I'd like you to meet by son, Zips"



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