We will tell you the kitten has already been adopted out, but it took a while.

West Richland Police say an animal control officer and a neighbor were able to 'shake' down the 'suspect' yesterday, who had been atop an Arbovitae evergreen tree for as long as 3 days.

Neighbors in the area reported hearing loud mewing from the top of the line of trees, but couldn't find a cat. Finally, a concerned neighbor saw the tiny animal, it had apparently climbed up but couldn't find a way down.

The officer gently shook the tree, estimated to be at least 15 feet tall or higher, and finally after about 30 minutes of that and coaxing, the kitten tumbled down and was caught by the officer in mid air.

The car has been adopted out already, probably a little on the skinny side after being without food or water for so long.  Based upon information from residents and the meowing, the cat was up there for at least 3 days.


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