This weekend the 1st annual Outdoorsman Expo kicks off today at the TRAC in Pasco. One of the coolest 'attractions'  out there is Kiwi Air Helicopters. They will be on hand all weekend long offering aerial tours of the Tri-Cities and just showing you all the great things that they have to offer. I was able to pop the doors off the chopper this morning and took a cool little cruise. Check it out!

Myself along with Faith Martin from 102.7 KORD and Big Jim from 98.3 The Key met up with our pilot, Robert, around 8:30am this morning and got on board their CHOPPA! (that's the only Arnold reference, promise) Before we took off, Big Jim said something about taking the doors off...Robert was down for it and I was definitely stoked to hang my leg outside this thing while we cruised. We took about a 15 minute figure 8 flight beginning at the back of TRAC in Pasco looping out around West Pasco, headed over the Blue bridge just about to the Cable bridge and then back along the Pasco side of the Columbia River.

Thanks to Robert and Kiwi Air for letting me take the flight today, it was a ton of fun and definitely something that if you have the chance to do, do it. This weekend you have that chance at the Outdoorsman Expo. For just $40 you can strap into the helicopter and take a ride around town!

Kiwi Air offers helicopter tours from 15 minutes to 2+ hours, 7 days a week. They are located near Hells Canyon and offer some great packages and tours throughout Washington, Idaho, and Oregon. While helicopter flight seeing tours are their specialty, they have experience and are equipped to provide a variety of services, from precision long-line work, to aerial survey and photography, to cattle herding and agricultural support. Their location allows them to easily support jobs in central to eastern Oregon, central to eastern Washington, and central and northern Idaho.