Ski resorts are having trouble hiring this season. If you know a young adult who needs to spread their wings, this would be an incredible opportunity.

Ski resort jobs are TONS of fun. There are seriously people who TRAVEL THE WORLD going to ski resort jobs in the southern hemisphere to ones in the northern hemisphere living in perpetual winter (that's why so many workers at the big resorts have accents).

But the horrible snowfall last winter (and mediocre snowfall expected this year before El Nino brings a dump next year) means the "regulars" are seeking employment elsewhere. They can't risk being out of work due to drought.

That means ski resorts are desperately hiring locals! If your high school graduate needs to move out of the house, encourage them to move to Dayton, or near Schweitzer, or near Mt. Baker, or Mt. Hood... and find a cheap dive to stay in and get a resort job. What a great way to get some experience while meeting cool people and skiing and snowboarding for free.

Karl Weatherly
Karl Weatherly