One adult and four youths were cuffed late Saturday night after KPD caught the five in a car in the parking lot outside the Kennewick Fred Meyer after an apparent shoplift went awry. Oh, and there was also allegedly thousands of dollars in contraband stolen from a half a dozen Kennewick businesses. The property has been returned. From the KPD facebook page:

Officers were dispatched to a shoplift that had just occurred at Fred Meyer. Parties involved fled on foot and got into a vehicle in the parking lot. Five occupants were contacted by police in the vehicle, four of which were juveniles and one 21 year old identified as Shelby Richie-Garcia. After further investigation, large quantities of stolen goods from at least six different stores in Kennewick were discovered in the vehicle, with a total value in the thousands. The property was recovered and returned to the appropriate stores. Richie-Garcia was arrested and booked for Theft 2nd Degree and Possession of Stolen Property 2nd Degree. Similar charges have also been filed for two of the other juveniles involved. KPD 19-35739

Good job, KPD!

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