Tomorrow begins the foray into our mandatory mask wearing exercise if you're outside in Washington state, but is there such a thing as the mask cops?

Are we to count on our fellow citizens to rat out those who refuse to comply for betterment of mankind? The Kennewick Police Department has put out a proactive statement concerning the enforcement of the must wear mask policy:

A KPD press release says:

Washington law enforcement agencies continue to focus on education and engagement regarding state orders related to the coronavirus crisis. The statewide face covering order is a public health and safety measure, it is not a mandate for law enforcement to detain, cite or arrest violators but rather an evidence-based and safety focused directive meant to slow the spread of a potentially deadly disease.

The Kennewick Police Department will continue to communicate with and encourage all Kennewick residents and visitors to make safety-focused decisions and follow all health-based directives from the Governor as well as state and local health officials.

Together, we will continue to address the very real public health threat of COVID 19, as we also work towards safely reopening our economic, social and civic systems.

We are working with our partners at the City Attorney’s Office and the Benton County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office for further direction on this mandate. We are hopeful our residents, businesses, elected leaders, health officials, and each other do what is necessary during this unique time of shared medical and economic vulnerability to gradually return to normalcy without enforcement.

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