Normally, you want to savor the holidays and enjoy some time off with family and friends, right? Well, Lamb of God just released the second teaser clip from their forthcoming platter ‘Resolution,’ which drops on Jan. 24, and it makes us want the holidays to fly by so we can get our hands on the whole thing so we can headbang until we burst blood vessels in our necks!

The 50-second teaser features a thrashy, fast and furious taste of the new album, and lots of images that flash frenetically on screen. Shots of cameras, black Chuck Taylors, the open road, the blue sky, skulls, shoes, fire, crumbling buildings and other scenes of urban decay are set to a vicious, annihilating riff and Randy Blythe’s flesh-tearing vocals. You need to watch two or three or 17 times in order to fully process all the things that appear on screen.

We know, ‘Resolution’ is coming. We just want it to get here sooner.

Watch Second Lamb of God ‘Resolution’ Teaser