Although tattoos are still, for most, a way to express your own personality, tattoos have also become a fashion statement in recent years. The rise in popularity of tattoos is going to undoubtedly cause a rise in tattoo removal. Gone are the days where once it was inked into your skin, it is permanent.

Now in a few -- definitely not painless -- procedures you can have that drunken mistake of a dolphin above your butt crack or your ex-fiance's name almost completely removed from your skin.

Laser tattoo removal is not a new procedure but there has been advances in the technology that reduces the pain, scarring, and the amount of time it takes to perform. Depending on your piece, you could have it nearly completely removed in as little as five procedures with Dr. TATTOOFF. At a cost of $49 per square inch of skin, that could get pretty spendy. Check out some of the before-and-after photos.

In the video below, the patient is actually having small portions of a lower sleeve removed so that he can replace the tattoos instead of trying to do cover up tattoos.


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