The snow wasn't just at the summit but covered the ground at the base this morning.

X @SummitSnow411
X @SummitSnow411

Snoqualmie Summit Shocked with Late Snowfall This Morning

The crews at Snoqualmie Summit Ski Resort were shocked to find it white outside. Not only was the summit covered in new white snow, but the white reached all the way down to the base of the resort, something that hasn't happened in decades according to staff. The X social media page for Summit at Snoqualmie posted late this morning, "We often see dustings of snow on the peaks around here in May, but rarely this late in the month and it almost never hits base elevation. We can't remember the last time it snowed this late, it's probably been a couple of decades or more."

How Much Snow Fell This Morning on Snoqualmie Pass?

The videos posted by Summit at Snoqualmie show white all around and it looks like they received a substantial amount. The WSDOT website snowfall tracker shows around a half-inch of snow had fallen so far today but temps are increasing and the snow is turning to rain and slush. The video they posted looks to me like more than a half inch, but official numbers could still change. The half-inch of snow this morning is the most since May 7th of this year, and one of the latest snowfalls in the past few decades. The most recent late snowfall I could find record of was from May 19, 2022, where 3 inches fell. Before that, you have to go back to May 17, 2003, when Snoqualmie Pass received 9 inches, but that is still substantially earlier than the snowfall this morning (May 22, 2024).

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