Following days of rioting, looting and shows of force by United States law enforcement in an attempt to control protesters reacting to the death of George Floyd, a national toy maker has announced its pulled advertising for a variety of police-related playsets.

LEGO has announced that effective immediately all advertising for more than 30 of the company's building sets that contain law enforcement-themed pieces shall halt, according to information shared by The announcement comes following close to two weeks of worldwide protesting over the death of 46-year-old Minneapolis man George Floyd. Floyd, an African American, died on May 25, 2020, while handcuffed and facedown on a city street while police restrained him by applying pressure to his neck and legs

LEGO eluded to "recent events," as being the driving force behind the decision to cease advertising of the playsets, according to Multiple Minneapolis police officers are under investigation for the actions that led up to Floyd's death.

Multiple videos were taken by witnesses from several angles showing officers restraining the man, with one officer pressing his knee to the back of Floyd's neck. It has been determined that Floyd's inability to breath during the restraining by Minneapolis police caused his death.

LEGO officials have not released any further information pertaining to the decision. Four police officers, including Derek Chauvin, who was the officer who had his knee on Floyd's neck for several minutes, have been charged in the matter.

It was reported that LEGO has donated $4 million to help in educating the public to the dangers of racial inequality.

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