‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Is Even Better in Lego
Here's the video you didn't know you always wanted to see -- it's the trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' done with LEGOs. This version of Bane is maybe a little bit scarier than the live-action version. There's something deeply disturbing about his squinting, beady LEG…
Check Out These Mad Lego Building Skills
The guys in this video are total dorks, but I must admit that is the most bad ass Lego set I've seen. The really sad part comes at the end of the video. Question: are these two dudes to old to be playing Lego's?
The World’s First And Only Full Size Lego House [VIDEOS]
James May, probably most well known for his roll in the original UK version of 'Top Gear', presented another BBC TV Show series called 'Toy Stories'. The six part series takes everyday toys and shows how they can be used in larger, full scale, everyday real life.
Being a Lego nerd since I was a kid, …