Leryn Franco is a Paraguayan model and athlete that has posed for Sports Illustrated and other popular magazines. She specializes in the javelin throw and became an internet sensation during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Her recent appearance at the Pan Am games brought her back into the spotlight and let all of the world know “there is still such a thing as the Pan Am games.” Oh and that she might be the hottest athlete walking the planet.

Leryn has inspired us to host our own athletic events in the hopes of getting as many hot female athletes in the world into one place as possible. Then we let them face off in competition against men. Not athletic men. Just men. Normal guys that think they can throw a javelin far or beat a woman at basketball. Nothing would be more fun than to watch dudes getting whooped in sports by hot women. It should be a weekly show on G4 or SpikeTV.

Leryn will next be competing at the 2014 GuySpeed games to be held in the courtyard behind our building. She will compete in the javelin toss and the “1000 meter dash away from creepy bloggers.”

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