An arrest warrant has been issued for Jay Dee Harp III, 34, of Tacoma, who is alleged to have assaulted a lesbian couple and cold-cocked another man last month in Section 118 at the Seahawks regular season finale against Arizona.

Harp was charged last week with second degree assault and malicious harassment, which is Washington’s hate crime statute.

He posted bail, but a King County Superior Court judge has since increased his bail and issued a warrant for his arrest after further details of the incident came to light.

King County Sheriff's Office
King County Sheriff's Office

Police say Harp harassed two women at CenturyLink Field in Seattle Dec. 30, making comments that included anti-gay slurs. He also reportedly unzipped one of the women's jackets and grabbed a breast asking, "do you need a man in your life?" as he pointed to his genitals. Harp then dumped his beer in her face when she tried to push him away telling him, "don't put your hands on my wife."

Harp was taken to the ground before regaining his composure, then striking out again injuring the woman's nose and chipping her tooth. Another man was punched who tried to break up the melee, even a state trooper was attacked before a taser was used to subdue and arrest him.

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