Like many Seattle Seahawks fans I was stunned when I caught wind that Russell Wilson was divorcing his wife after just a couple of years of marriage. A quick post about it snagged some immediate reactions and most of it was negative: "Who the f%$k cares" seemed to be the consensus.

I agree.

But get real. (Do your best Dr. Phil impression here: "Y'all neeed to git ree-uhl")

Wilson has carefully cultivated an amazing image for himself without even trying. Almost too good to be true, really. But the cool thing about it was he didn't seem to even be trying to do and say the right thing. He just did. He rarely seeks out the spotlight, but he doesn't shy away from it either quickly deflecting praise from himself to his faith, family and teammates. He is always quick to point out his success and his lifestyle come from his faith but he never comes off as preachy.

That's why, unfairly, this whole situation will be woefully scrutinized and analyzed through and through because there just were never any chinks in this guys armor, until now.


And more than likely there aren't many defect of character issues. But when one negative thing comes to light with a guy who seems to be too good to be true, rest assured he will be unfairly looked at for the reason why someone on top of the world could now have this situation. More than 60% of marriages end in divorce, that's a fact. Whether it's fair or not, Wilson's pending divorce will be the type of juicy off-season gossip that tantalizes with, "I wonder what the hell happened......." followed by "Well I heard.......". Wilson has asked for privacy and respect as he deals with this very personal matter. The insatiable nature of America's culture will never let that happen. He won't be able to use his legs to avoid the crushing media blitz to extend this play. Better just take the sack and don't turn your balls over.

I've got it: The NEW American Family Insurance Russell Wilson App: Ask Me About My Divorce........too soon?