Wear a life jacket when you are paddle boarding or floating down the river in a kayak, or you could be fined, reports KAPP/KEPR TV.

I'm sure to some boaters and floaters that it is common sense to wear your life jacket whilst participating in water activities, but just in case someone out there doesn't get the message, the local government isn't playing around. Too many people are losing their lives to accidentally drownings when engaging in seemingly harmless water play. Wearing a life jacket in your boat only makes it that much easier for you to swim to safety or get rescued if you happen to topple over in the river or lake.

Just this week, a young boy was swept away along a piece of the Washington shore, as seen in this story from KGW8 News. What a tragedy! We hope that whatever water activities you do this summer, you will wear your life jacket in the water! Thank you in advance!

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