It’s no surprise Twitter has been an outlet for musicians to express their thoughts and directly communicate with their fans. So, when Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland let some of his tweeting out, he had some candid words to say via Twitter about former bandmate DJ Lethal.

In response to a fans query about letting Lethal back in the band, Borland tweeted, “Sorry. No. Not going to happen. Thanks for your support, but that’s a wrap. We started without him and we’ll end without him.”

When pressed again, Borland bluntly replied, “Dude. Just f—ing be glad the four of us are together and don’t trouble yourself with the inner workings of the band.”

It doesn’t end there. The saga continued when the fan declared that Borland was not a founding member of Limp Bizkit and so Borland eventually stated, “We’ve given Lee 1000 chances. Stop. Just stop. You don’t have a clue about anything. Please just stop. Because I am right now.”

He seemingly concluded “As I said. I’m done. My last reply to this topic. Lethal is out.” But then a short time later responded to another fan, “Lee coming back is completely up to him, not us. And so far, it seems like he doesn’t care to come back.”

So, despite all those Tweets, it does look like there’s some room for DJ Lethal to return to Limp Bizkit.

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