Linkin Park have taken an active philanthropic role since the Japan earthquake and tsunami disaster struck earlier this year. The band quickly began to raise money for ‘Save the Children‘ — an international charily focused on children’s rights, providing relief and supporting children in developing countries.

Linkin Park put on a “Secret Show” where the band challenged fans to raise $500 each for ‘Save the Children.’ In return, the successful fundraisers received two tickets for the concert, which also featured Japan’s best-selling artist, B’z. “Through a number of different projects including the secret show for Japan; Music Relief and the fans raised over $500,000,” stated Linkin Park rhyme-slinger Mike Shinoda. “That money went to Save the Children to help kids who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.”

During the Japanese leg of their latest tour, Linkin Park visited Ishinomaki City with ‘Save the Children’ to see the results of their fundraising first-hand. One of their stops was a high school where 200 kids had lost their homes. “It’s really great to see all their happy, smiling faces, especially considering six months ago, this area was so devastated,” remarked Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington. “The surrounding areas were really hit hard….It’s been a very moving day. It puts things in perspective. These kids are amazing.”

Shinoda gave his thanks to the fans who made it all possible, “You guys have been very generous, and we were happy to be able to be messengers of those tidings of well wishes and support to the people of Japan.”

Watch Linkin Park Visit Japan With ‘Save the Children’



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