People from around the country were asked what food in their state is a "must try" for visitors. Anyone can suggest Washington apples, Maine lobsters and Chicago pizza, but this survey revealed lesser-known treasures! How would you answer this question for our community?

Buffalo, NY: chicken finger subs. Just a chicken fingers deep fried and tossed in wing sauce. Served on a fresh baked roll with lettuce, tomato, onion and blue cheese.

CaliforniaIn-N-Out Burger and California Burritos (a burrito containing eggs and french fries)



Maine: red hot dogs

Maryland: steamed blue crabs with bay seasoning

Montana: buffalo meat

New Jersey: hoagie sandwiches and Taylor Ham sandwiches with egg & cheese on a hard roll.

New Mexico: green chile stew

New York City: 'Gasm sandwich at Se-Port Deli

North CarolinaCheerwine cherry soda

OntarioBeaver Tails (flat pastry covered in cinnamon and sugar with lemon on top)

Philadelphia: cheese steak, soft pretzels and "water ice"

PittsburghPrimanti Brothers

Springfield, Missouri: cashew chicken

Utah: fry sauce (ketchup + mayonnaise)

Calgary, Aberta: Ginger Beef Bistro

Flickr, Elsie Hui

Chicago: Italian Beef and Chicago-style hot dogs

Flickr, Arnold Gatilao

Cincinnati: goetta sandwiches

Flickr, David Berkowitz

Florida: Key Lime pie and Cuban sandwiches

Flickr, Rie H.

Kansas City: burnt ends bbq

Flickr, The DLC

Kentucky: Hot Brown

Flickr, Phil Denton

Michigan: Superman ice cream, Vernon's Ginger Ale and "pasties" meat pies

Flickr, Ben Dominguez-Benner

Omaha, Nebraska: Runza sandwich

Flickr, rayb777

Quebec: Poutine (french fries covered in gravy and cheese curds

Flickr, Joe Shlabotnik

Wisconsin: fried cheese curds

Flickr, Quinn Dombrowski