Moses Lake has it's Samurai robber,  it's a machete in Pasco.

Authorities aren't sure if this was related to a recent robbery that occurred at the King City convenience store May 11th,  but this time it was the Sky Market at 20th and Sylvester Monday.

A man came into the store about 11:30pm,  waving a machete, and demanded money from the clerk.   No one was injured in the robbery, the man got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

He may, say police, have had a getaway vehicle.   He was described as medium build, with a bandanna over his face.  He was wearing dark colored jacket with white sleeves and hood, dark pants with three white stripes down the side.

Whether this is related to a robbery at the King City convenience store is not known.

Earlier in May, in a story that made national headlines,  and 89-year-old elderly Moses Lake store owner used a golf club to fight off a would-be robbery who tried to hold up her store with a Samurai sword.