The holiday season is a "magical" time of year and travelers at the Chicago Union Station received an unsuspected season greeting from an interesting source -- a piano. Not just any piano, but a magic piano that reacts to its environment and comes to life!

Rob Bliss Creative teamed up with Amtrak to place the one-of-a-kind instrument in the middle of the busy travel hub. As people walk by, they are greeted by a song, magically played by the piano itself -- accompanying a child's rendition of "Chopsticks," adding a drama-filled tune to an angry businessman's phone call, a dance soundtrack for one extremely happy man, teaming up with some fellow musicians and even playing a song as Santa casually strolls by.

There must have been an "old silk hat" placed on top of that piano...

SideNote: Not to take anything away from the awesomeness of this video and idea, the piano didn't work completely on its own. Pianist Andrew Blendermann played the tunes from a control room.

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