An Oregon man is facing multiple charges (and the scorn of most in the state) after being charged with stealing several thousand dollars worth of respirator masks, then trying to sell them online.

March 6, a North Portland Precinct Officer responded to a theft report at the Rebuilding Center (a business which helps people build and remodel by providing tools, equipment and supplies). Workers there said someone had stolen between 20-25 cases of the N95 model respirator masks.

Each case held 400 masks, the total loss was estimated at $2,500.

The next day, officers noticed a man selling the same type masks on Craigslist, a new listing. So they set up a meeting, and a sting operation. The suspect, 22-year-old Vladislav V. Drozdek of Beaverton, showed up and was promptly arrested. Officials confirmed the equipment he had matched the stolen merchandise. 13 cases were recovered.

A subsequent raid on a home March 21 turned up the rest of the cases. The owner of the Rebuilding Center donated the masks to nearby hospitals for use with the COVID-19 crisis. Dorzdek is facing a slew of theft charges.

Authorities say no doubt he was trying to use the theft to profit from the COVID-19 crisis.

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