A man, who is an active duty member of the Coast Guard, had one of the worst cases of bad luck this weekend in Kennewick according to news reports. He walked out to his car outside of Big Smoke on Clearwater when he noticed two men sitting in his car. He put down the things he bought at the store down and tried to stop the men from stealing his car. The men then dragged the man hundreds of feet as he held onto the car before pushing him off and driving away. The sad thing is that is not the worst part of the story.

After he was dragged away by his stolen car, a lady walked up and stole his bag of items that he had just bought and put down. That woman left with his items and was later found and identified as Yesenia Aguilera. She was booked on suspicion of theft in the Benton County Jail. The police found the victims car later the next day and think the man who stole it was Dylan Ray Amos.

If you have any information about Dylan Ray Amos. please call 509-628-0333 and refer to case number 16-17711.