A man on Reddit is refusing to sleep in the same bed as his wife who works as a gynecologist in a hospital, all because she won't take a shower when she gets home from work every day.

Now, he's sleeping on the couch.

"While I'm proud of her for doing such an important job, I'm uncomfortable with the idea of sleeping in the same bed as her without her showering first. I've asked her to take a shower before coming to bed, but she thinks it's unnecessary and feels like I'm being unreasonable," he explained in his post.

The man's wife argues that she practices good hygiene by wearing gloves and taking additional precautions throughout her day to avoid spreading germs, but he still feels uneasy.

"I don't think it's an unreasonable request for her to take a quick shower before bed. Since my wife doesn't want to shower before bed, I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room instead," he continued, adding that there's now a rift in their relationship.

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Reddit users were divided in the comments section.

"I spent a dozen years as an L&D nurse and the next dozen years working in the ER. I always took a shower first thing when I got home. I don't care how many precautions I took at work. I just felt germy!!!! Hospitals are gross places!!!" one user wrote.

"My mom was a nurse at a nursing home. She took off her shoes outside and went straight to the shower," another person commented.

"Have multiple physicians in the family, and they all shower at work before even leaving the hospital after rounds since they don't want their cars getting dirty," someone else shared.

"My guy, do you know the precautions they take? She's not getting fluid on herself and just leaving it there. You are basically calling her unsanitary when she's probably cleaner than you are," another commented.

"You were free to ask, and she was free to say no....... while accepting the consequences of refusing. You sleep on a lumpy couch, and she sleeps alone," someone else weighed in.

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