Expect an extra expectoration charge for the alleged hack who hacked on Richland cops complete with catarrh knowing he had COVID-19.

"I have Covid, bitch! Now you do too!"

Those words just scream off the page from court documents charging 31-year old Johnny Angel Rodriguez with multiple offenses including hocking a loogie and launching it at a pair of Richland police officers about three feet away because they weren't taking him to jail fast enough.

Another witness on scene besides the victim stated Rodriguez has had COVID-19 for about 20 days.

Before mister mucous did his thing to the officers, RPD was initially summoned for a report of a physical domestic violence assault. Officers witnessed phil phlegm assault a woman in the parking lot of Circle K, yes strange things afoot at the Keene Road and Queensgate Drive, Circle K, so they cuffed him and put him in the back of the squad car.

While talking to the woman victim, sam sputum starts kicking the inside panel of the car. When officers open the door to tell him to stop, the little snot spews his secreting spittle and saliva at them after saying to the cops "hurry up and take me to jail."

RPD transported drew drool to Kadlec Regional Medical Center for a blood draw before being booked in the Benton County Jail. The blood draw confirmed coronavirus.

Rodriguez faces charges of 3rd Degree Assault, DUI, simple assault-domestic violence and whatever legal loogie launch loophole they can find.

Bail is set at $70,000 for the charges, court documents also disclose 12 prior adult felony convictions for Mr. Rodriguez.

There is no word on the condition of either RPD officers, whether they contracted the virus, or if self-quarantine is necessary.

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