As a member of both Creed and Alter Bridge, guitarist Mark Tremonti has established himself as a well-respected member of the rock community. Now, the axeman is stepping up to the mic as frontman of his own project, simply called Tremonti, releasing the album ‘All I Was’ in July.

Loudwire had the pleasure of speaking with Mark Tremonti when he stopped by our offices recently for a video interview. In Part 1 of the interview, seen below, he talks about all things related to his solo project, including the metal influences who played a part in shaping the outfit’s sound. In Part 2, which we’ll be posting shortly, he talks about the current state of Creed. For now, please enjoy Part 1 of our Mark Tremonti interview by watching the video below:

Mark Tremonti Talks to Loudwire (Part 1)


Tremonti’s ‘All I Was’ album is currently available at iTunes and

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