When fellow metalheads are in dire need, the underground music community has a strong history of coming together and selflessly lending a hand. After a gruesome bus crash last year, the members of Baroness were left with serious injuries and daunting medical bills. In response, acts such as Mastodon, Meshuggah, Napalm Death, Neurosis, Circle Takes the Square, Municipal Waste and many more have donated rare items for the upcoming Baroness Relief auction.

There are some incredible treasures up for bids to help out Baroness, including an autographed snare drum Mastodon used to record the band's 'Leviathan' album, another signed snare used by Jason Roeder for Nuerosis and Sleep, a prototype signature Sabian cymbal and Remo snare drum donated and signed by Meshuggah, tons of autographed, limited-edition vinyl and even a bad-ass beer holster donated by Red Fang. These are only a few items that will become available for bidding very soon.

The Baroness Relief organizers promise that the auction will begin in 1-3 weeks time and offered a statement on why they chose to begin the auction:

In August last year Baroness's bus crashed off a bridge, seriously injuring band members and crew. A month later Loopy Fiasco (Baroness sound engineer), Rennie Jaffe (Manager of Relapse Records) and myself (Baroness web dude) set out as friends of the band to do whatever we could to eleviate the band of their medical expenses and loss of income in their time of pain and journey back to being able to play again. We reached out to our close friends, to donate items so we could auction them off to relieve the band of as much financial hurt as possible.

Also if you could put the word out to likeminded fans, that would be awesome. We appreciate all the help you guys can give to this cause to see the boys back in good health and back out on the road.

Follow the Baroness Relief Facebook and Twitter accounts to get up-to-date news on the future auction.