Mastodon are still making the rounds in support of ‘The Hunter’ album, but the days promoting their latest release appear to be winding down. Singer/bassist Troy Sanders revealed that a new album is definitely on their minds.

He told Onslaught Radio (via Blabbermouth) at the Reading Festival, “The future is very unknown, I think. After these two festivals – the Reading and Leeds – we’ll take some time off and start working on new ideas. And I’m excited as anyone else on this planet to see where it takes us musically. I have no idea.”

Speaking about the band’s creative process, Sanders explained, “The four of us in the band, we always embrace change and we never wanna write and record the same album twice. So we want each album to be a different and fresh chapter in the Mastodon catalog. That’s our intention – to write and record a new-sounding album every time.”

The vocalist stated that the creative force usually comes from within the group as well, as he explains that they never try to bow to the outside influence of fans or critics. He adds, “Once the four of us leave our practice space after writing a song, or even a riff, or even one line of lyrics or something, if the four of us agree on it and are proud of it and are happy with it, then that’s all that really matters.”

At present, there is no timetable for the start of the band’s next album or a targeted release date.

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