Just in time for Halloween. A creature as elusive as Sasquatch may have made an appearance in Prosser over the last few days. Approximately a dozen pigs at Mid Valley Milling in Prosser were attacked and killed by an unknown animal. Possibly a cougar, or the 'mythical' creature the Chupacabra. Hide yo pigs, hide yo wife...

The Benton County Sheriff's Office released the following information:

On Thursday (October 27th), at about 0943 hours, deputies responded to 11801 North Hinzerling Road, in Prosser, Washington to an animal complaint. The manager of Mid Valley Milling advised he’d had approximately 12 pigs behind his business secured within a fenced area.

On 10/17/11 he’d called the Sheriff’s Office making a report of five pigs that had been attacked and killed by what he had believed to be a stray dog. The following day, his butcher responded to the location to process the pigs and noted that the wounds to the pigs did not reflect those that would be caused by a dog. He believed the markings to be that of a cougar.

On the 27th, Mr. Carpenter arrived at work to discover two more pigs lying dead within the enclosure with large claw marks on their stomachs and backs, as well as puncture holes on the necks of the animals. The attacking animal had eaten from the pigs from the neck down. The investigating Deputy contacted an officer from the Washington State Fish and Game who verified that the wounds were not from a dog, but could not confirm a cougar attack because of the lack of tracks on the cold, firm ground.