The Cougs are looking pretty good heading into the Apple Cup. After dropping 69 points (nice) on Arizona State, WSU has their eyes set on their in-state rivals. The Cougars are betting favorites with a 3-point advantage.

The reclamation of Washington State football has been one for the ages. Since Mike Leach took command of the team, WSU has gone 48-39 with winning records in each of its last 4 seasons.

Mike Leach is also an esteemed scholar in the mundane aspects of life. Mike Leach does not shower in Florida, he takes his garden hose with him in the ocean.

If you asked Mike Leach to plan your wedding, he'd probably ask you to reconsider, then tell you to stay out of your fiance's way. Actually, he'd tell you to stay out of her mom's way, too. Check it out!

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