I decided to tune in for a few minutes to catch the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night. Considering I was about to watch an awards ceremony celebrating the best music videos put on by a channel that doesn't actually show any music videos, I should have realized I was making a mistake. None the less, I watched. Sadly, I subjected myself to the train wreck that is Miley Cyrus.

I can't even tell you the name of the song that she performed, but I can tell you that it was god awful. The lyrics had something to do with partying and not caring. A highly unique subject matter in today's pop music world. I could definitely see the 'not caring' part coming out in her six minute spectacle that lasted six minutes too long.

I'm not sure which part was worse: 1) The molly induced furries waddling around as Miley strolled on stage in her little-piggy-just-went-to-the-flea-market outfit or 2) seeing a former Disney channel pre-teen star and 'twerking' all over Dr. Jason Roland Seaver's real life son.

It think it was just one of those moments in life. Ya know, when you realize you are older than you feel and might be out of touch with the young whipper snappers of the day...but at the same time you find yourself not caring that you don't get it. I do know that Sunday night's onstage debacle at the MTV VMAs might have killed at least one man. How's that achy breaky heart of yours holding up, Pops?

Watch Miley's disturbing 2013 MTV VMA performance

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