TopGear has done it again. Just when you think that the car-centric, UK show can't get any crazier, it makes like a gearhead version of "Jackass" and gets video of a guy making a Mini Copper do a backflip off a ramp. This really happened. Watch the video below:

That's French Rally Raid world champion Guerlain Chicherit taking on the challenge of making a John Cooper Works Mini Countryman do a backflip off a ramp. According to the manufacturer — and sane people all over the world — it's the first successful backflip of the model. We'd actually like to see the unsuccessful attempts, as long as we're far away from the car.

All the fun took place at the French ski resort, Tignes. Checherit planed the stunt for four years. He had to figure out how to jump the car, flip it 360 degrees and land on a snow ramp. We just hope he never asks to borrow our car.

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