A Zamboni driver in Minnesota was arrested Monday night after spectators in the arena were reporting that 34 year old Joel Keith Bruss was struggling to maneuver the Zamboni around the ice.

Randy Johnson, Apple Valley's Parks and Recreation Director said, "The coaches noticed he was off the mark quite a ways, bumping into the boards and having trouble maneuvering the machine and thought they need to call someone for help. They knew something was wrong. He was not operating it like he normally does."

Officers contacted Bruss after he managed to successfully get the machine off the ice. According to Police, he was unsteady on his feet and smelled like alcohol. Bruss arrested for a DWI after field sobriety tests.

Johnson said that when Bruss, who has a history of drunk driving convictions, started his shift around 4 p.m., nothing was wrong with him. "He's been a good employee. He's been dependable," Johnson said.

Bruss has now been suspended from his position.

[Via CBS News]