Kennewick police confirmed today Elizabeth Romero is no longer a missing person.

Kennewick Police

Romero's mother has spoken with her young daughter. The 14-year-old kidnapping victim is in Jalisco, Mexico. The Amber Alert has been cancelled.

The Romero family has relatives in Jalisco, so the mother is working to get Elizabeth in contact with them.

Officials are still seeking to arrest Elizabeth's 19-year-old "boyfriend" who picked her up from her school, transported her across state lines, and took her out of the country. Edwardo Fabien Flores Rosales of Hood River, Oregon, is wanted for 2nd degree kidnapping.

It also believed he also worked with an accomplice.

My opinion:

I think this happens in every city in America times 1,000. I don't know why that is, but for some reason, it happens all the time.

Part of the problem: when a guy is 19 years old, 19-year-old girls are not interested in guys who are 19. They're interested in guys who are 25. Only 14, 15, 16-year-old girls are interested in 19-year-old guys. It's a problem I'm going to have to deal with because I'm a father of a little girl.

This is a problem with parenting.

As a man who married a younger woman, I'm not going to criticize the age difference. But my wife was an adult. That's the difference.

When I was 19 there were high school girls who had crushes on me, but I had to do the smart thing.

Another problem is 19-year-old males are still kids. They're legally accountable, but emotionally immature.

He's not thinking about anything other than her body, and she's not thinking about consequences -- like what will happen when he's done with her body. Neither knows what they're doing, and it's up to the parents to teach them to make smart decisions.

If this is just two kids in love, the man will be villainized. It's too bad society doesn't understand this is actually two kids -- neither of whom knows what they're doing.