With the NBA, MLB, MLS, WHL, NCAA, Premier League, and XFL all suspending their seasons, a historic thing has happened. There are absolutely no live sports this weekend, save for the UFC. However, that could change. With UFC star Connor McGregor announcing the passing of his aunt from the virus on Instagram, the UFC could join the ranks of the other major sports leagues.

Unless you're a UFC fan, you won't be watching any live sports for a while. I'm a huge sports fan, and since you're reading this article, I'd say you probably are as well.

Detroit Red Wings v Washington Capitals
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Fortunately, the internet has been a godsend for sports fans. If you have ESPN+, you can watch plenty of content. I like to watch classic NFL games, boxing, and documentaries like 30 for 30. You can also binge the Oscar-winning OJ: Made in America. Amazon Prime has a really great series called All or Nothing, with several seasons. You can watch an HBO-like series following one team at a time. The teams vary from the Dallas Cowboys to the Michigan Wolverines.

If you don't have either of those subscriptions, the NFL and MLB have both been fantastic about uploading classic games to YouTube.

I hope you're staying safe. Hopefully, you find some of this useful and are able to pass the time. Sports will be back soon, but it's an interesting time to reflect on the significance of this past week's events. There has never been a time when this many major sporting leagues and organizations have been put on ice. What a time to be alive.

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