Major League Baseball superfan Zack Hample has balls — 6,516 of them. In fact, Hample claims to have gotten a baseball at 880 consecutive games which he has attended. Hample, who wrote "How to Snag Major League Baseballs" in 1999, added to his collection on Thursday night when he caught two home run balls during the Arizona Diamondbacks' extra-inning win over the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium.

Hample caught the first major league home run of Arizona's Didi Gregorius in the right-field seats in the third inning, and snagged a game-tying home run by the Yankees' Francisco Cervelli in the left-field stands in the ninth inning. It's the second time Hample has caught two home runs in a game; he snared a pair of dingers at Baltimore's Camden Yards on May 13, 2010.

"It's a little bit of luck, obviously. I move all over the place constantly," Hample said. "People don't notice the seven games I've been to this year and didn't catch a home run."

BIGS sunflower seeds is actually sponsoring Hample. The company will donate up to $15,000 to Pitch In For Baseball, which "redistributes baseball and softball equipment to people in needy communities." BIGS will donate $500 for each stadium where Hemple gets a game-used ball. Hemple said he hopes to get to all 30 MLB parks in 2013.

So, this guy just spends his leisure time visiting ballparks and catching baseballs? Wow. Next time you ask someone how they are doing and they give you the bro-riffic answer of "Livin' the dream," tell them that unless they are Zack Hample, they are not, in fact, living the dream.