Coffee is a part of everyday life in Washington. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there are a ton of coffee shops and booths in the Tri-Cities. But which one should be your daily?

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Personally, I like to keep my dollars in town and support local (small if possible) businesses. That's how you keep them around. For every Starbucks and Dutch Bros in town, there's a smaller coffee stop worth your time and money.

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Google Maps

I'm sure I won't cover every local spot but I want to highlight some of my personal favorites. If you're looking for a bigger list, try this Google search to narrow down the results to local businesses.

Photo by Jason Betz on Unsplash
Photo by Jason Betz on Unsplash

Lil Firehouse

There are a couple of Lil Firehouse locations but I primarily visit the one on Clearwater Ave in Kennewick. They have great drinks and the prices are hard to beat. I like my caffeine pure and unadulterated so I typically go with their energy concoctions but I can tell you they have plenty of coffee options for people on dietary restrictions.

King's Cup

King's Cup is a bit of a drive but the quest can be worth it. Just get one of their energy drinks that have real fruit in it.

Southern Belles

I used to frequent Southern Belles a lot more when I lived in Richland. They have a lot of variety, decent prices, and even offer Keto options.

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