Thank goodness for wonderful co-workers!

I got out to my vehicle and couldn't even find my ice scraper. I only have 37 of these things! I finally found one, at the very bottom of my winter weather box in the back seat, when I FINALLY arrived home.

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Monday's commute home was NO JOKE.


I traveled at an average of 30-40 mph on SR 240 into Richland. I was stressing, after seeing a few cars in the ditch. I couldn't wait to make it to George Washington Way, so I could travel at the appropriate speed. Still, people were passing me to the left and right. Slow down! What's your hurry? I need to arrive home in one piece, thank you!

When I got home, I immediately looked through my box in the back seat and located ONE ice scraper. Where are the other 36? Never mind. I found my ice-scraper and brush and should be good for Tuesday's commute.

What can we expect?

NWS Pendleton-Twitter
NWS Pendleton-Twitter

NO accumulation is expected for Tri-Cities, thank goodness. However, the low is expected to be 24 degrees. Tuesday's high is expected to be 34 degrees. That means probably slick roads for Tuesday morning. Great. I'll take it slow and steady on my way in.

What about the rest of the week?

NWS Pendleton-Twitter
NWS Pendleton-Twitter

We can make it through this.

While there is snow in the forecast, Thursday's high is in the upper 30's and Friday's should be in the low 40's for Tri-Cities. Be careful. Clear your windshield. Allow extra time to reach your destination safely. Plan accordingly.

Call ahead & order Chinese to pick up.  NO cooking tonight.

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