Thousands were without power as high winds and record setting rain fall rolled through Western Washington Sunday night and Monday morning knocking over power lines. That isn't too uncommon for this time of year, but according to the National Weather Service, a tornado actually touched down in the town of Frederickson, about 45 miles south of Seattle. A rare occurrence for the Pacific Northwest.

This morning around 7:20 a.m., the tornado tore up an industrial area of town, causing damage to a number warehouses and factories including two Boeing manufacturing plants, and even tipping a train off of the tracks. Kirk Ransden, an employee at one of the damaged buildings, told KING 5:

My first instinct, I thought it was an earthquake. Honestly, I never heard of weather like this, at least in Washington state. We were in the building and it sounded like a vacuum starting. It was really loud, kinda high pitched. A big boom and I saw a ripple through the ceiling and then everything came through, then water starting pouring.

Despite the damage, no injuries were reported.

[Via KING 5]

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