Photos and videos of the destruction being caused by hurricane (now being called a post-tropical storm) Sandy have been flooding the internet since it first hit the east coast earlier today. Cars underwater, abandoned city streets, and flooded subways. A scary situation for anyone in the path of what is being called the 'Frankenstorm'.

Earlier tonight a video was released showing a substation of electric company Consolidated Edison literally exploding and being one main reason why many New York City residents are without power.

You will see around the :19 mark of the video, what appears to be a fire start up. Shortly after a number of large and very bright explosions.

According to officials at Consolidated Edison, at least 650,000 customers are without power in New York City. The power outages stem from different issues, including downed overhead lines, a planned Con Ed initiated power cut to lessen storm damage, and this explosion at a substation at East 14th Street.

Con Ed Senior Vice President John Miksad said he wasn't sure what caused the explosion, if it was flooding or perhaps it was damaged by flying debris and estimates it would take three to four days to restore power cut in the planned outage, and up to a week but probably less for the outages due to the substation explosion.

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