Kim Kardashian she is not. A reasonably hot and passable Kim Kardashian clone? Yes she is!

Today we’re crushing on Mony Monn, the model who reportedly starred in an alleged sex tape with Kanye West. The sex tape scandal captured the hearts and minds (and other parts) of America when it was leaked recently. The tape seemed to reveal West getting it on with Kardashian, who as we all know owes her fame and success to a very famous sex tape that surfaced years back.

But reports now seem to suggest that it was not Kardashian in the tape but Mony Monn, who many are calling a Kardashian lookalike.

Kardashian or not, Mony Monn, who has the best ‘90s rapper/model name ever, boasts many of Kim’s famous traits, including a sexy, curvy body, full lips, and a love of the camera.

Still, some sites are reporting that it was Kardashian in the tape after all. What do you think, is Kim Kardashian Mony Monn? Is Mony Monn Kim Kardashian? Does it really matter?