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As we continue to navigate through the shuddering Texas school shooting, area Districts have released statements and information, including security details.

Richland, and Pasco, also respond along with Kennewick.

Earlier today, we released information from the Kennewick School District, including a statement from Superintendent Traci Pierce.

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According to Ty Beaver, Public Information Officer for Richland, some new steps are being added to elementary schools, per a statement from Superintendent Shelly Redinger:

  • "All elementary and middle schools will have their front entrances locked during the school day with visitors required to call in to enter. High schools will reduce the number of unlocked exterior entrances. Entrances needed for passing periods will have increased monitoring.
  • District leaders maintain close relationships with law enforcement and emergency response agencies and we are working with them to increase police officer presence at our schools along with our security staff."

Richland also released details about 7 other procedures they utilize to protect staff and students, including what's called the Vector Alert System where they can report safety concerns.

  Pasco also releases information

Anna Tennsmeyer, the Director of Public Relations and Communications for the Pasco School District, also released information about what security measures are utilized in the well as 'special services' available:

  • "We work closely with the Pasco Police Department on all aspects of safety and security, and we have Pasco Police School Resource Officers (SROs) in our middle schools and high schools.
  • Conduct emergency drills for students and staff in our schools and staff training to ensure that our employees know what to do in an emergency (including active shooter and situational awareness training for staff)
  • Alarm systems and badge access for non-primary entrances at school.
  • Secure entrance vestibules that regulate access to the buildings and all our buildings have security cameras
  • We have a reporting system called SafeSchools Alert that allows students, staff, families, and community members to report safety concerns.
  • Prioritize having school counseling and nursing staff at every school building.
  • To enhance the efforts of our school counselors, school nurses, and community mental health partners, PSD has added a partnership with Hazel Health, where all Pasco students have access to free tele-therapy. "

In these often unsettling and occasionally terrifying times, it is good to know what's being done to help protect our children and adults in the Mid Columbia. Also, it never hurts to get involved in your kid's school. Get to know teachers, administrators etc. and pay attention whenever you're at any school event.


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